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Be Prepared for the Interview

Reaching the interview stage gives you and your prospective employer the chance to determine the right culture fit not only for the hospital but also for you. Ahead of your interview, it may be helpful to prepare answers to some of the most common questions. When you interview for a leadership Case Management opportunity, you’re likely to encounter at least some version of the following questions:

How do you approach working with the other peers on your client’s care team?

With a question like this, interviewers are looking to see how you combine your medical expertise with your collaborative and interpersonal skills. Effective Directors of Case Management balance their own knowledge with their skills in listening, metrics, and coordinating with other peers and colleagues, all with the patient’s needs at heart to move the needle that effect the bottom line of the hospital all orchestrated together.

 Variations or follow-ups on this question might also attempt to understand how you evaluate your team’s patients’ existing care, both from medical documentation and from the patient’s firsthand accounts. Answering these questions should emphasize their ability to be a team player and how you would (or have) investigate or solve conflicts for complex cases to help your Case Management staff.

Tell us about a time when...

These kinds of questions will ask you to recount how you’ve handled tough situations in the past. This might be explaining a complex situation to the C-Level, handling conflicting information from members of the team, dealing with resistance from clients and/or colleagues, or any number of other situations.

The key to answering these questions is to emphasize your communication skills and your ability to problem-solve, even under pressure. Don’t worry about explaining every detail – focus on the ones that highlight the metric points that make you shine!

Common Interview Questions

The questions and topics above are just a small sampling of the types of questions that you may be asked during an interview. Preparing for your Case Management interview means being ready for anything the interviewer might want to cover, whether it’s questions about patient care, how you handle challenges, your collaboration style, staying up-to-date on best practices, and much more.

To further assist in you in thoroughly preparing for your interview, we’ve assembled a helpful interview preparation guide, featuring 50 of the most commonly-asked questions for Case Management roles. The guide also provides an overview of 12 key metrics that you should be prepared to discuss.

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