News and Updates in Healthcare Case Management Recruiting

Observing National Long-Term Care Awareness Month

Healthcare Recruitment Partners is proud to observe National Long-Term Care Awareness Month this November. Since 2001, the month of November has been set aside to ...
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Case Management Recruitment

Investing in Case Management Recruitment Expertise: The Path to a High-Performing Team

In an increasingly complex and rapidly evolving healthcare environment, the role of Case Management professionals has never been more critical. They are the linchpins holding ...
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Case Managers

Recruiting in Case Management: What to Know Right Now

Today’s Case Management field seems to keep growing at every turn. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 28% growth rate in the “medical and ...
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Mental Health Day

Taking Care of Care Professionals: World Mental Health Day 2023

Case Managers are the professionals who ensure quality care for everyone – but are their own care needs being met? October 10 is World Mental ...
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Retaining Top Talent in Case Management

Hospital Case Management can be a remarkably rewarding career, as professionals apply their skills and experience to help individual clients navigate complex medical situations with ...
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Is It Time to Reconsider Everything You Know About Leadership?

Strong, skillful leadership can make or break an organization. Is your approach one that offers a path for growth and mutual understanding, or are you ...
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