Observing National Long-Term Care Awareness Month

Healthcare Recruitment Partners is proud to observe National Long-Term Care Awareness Month this November.

Since 2001, the month of November has been set aside to recognize and celebrate the commitment, hard work, and expertise of long-term care professionals, including Case Managers and those who work alongside them. This month is a time to show appreciation for the people at every level who make it possible, from individual Case Managers and medical professionals on the front lines to the leaders navigating big-picture strategy.

As Case Managers know firsthand, the past few years have only exacerbated the demands of long-term care. The future looks like more of the same, with the twin challenges of an aging population and the rise of people with new and complex long-term or chronic health conditions. Between 2015 and 2050, the World Health Organization projects that the proportion of the world’s population over 60 years of age will increase from 12% to 22%; meanwhile, the pandemic has left an as-yet-uncertain number of people with long-term health issues that may require complicated and multifaceted care. As a result, the demand for qualified long-term care and Case Management professionals will also increase, intensifying competition for top talent and requiring organizations to rethink their approach to hiring and retaining the best of the best.

This month is also about raising awareness of the options available for long-term care, especially (but not only) for seniors. While some families may find themselves overwhelmed by the challenges of navigating a crowded and complicated landscape, others have the opposite problem of too-scarce care; for instance, as many as 20 states are currently identified by the Alzheimer’s Association as care “deserts.” National Long-Term Care Awareness Month provides us with the opportunity to consider how and where care is offered, how Case Managers can alleviate these stresses, and how we can continue to improve services to even more communities and individuals.

All year round, our commitment at Healthcare Recruitment Partners is to help Healthcare Hospital organizations identify and place the best Case Management talent to ensure excellence in short-term acute care while helping transition patients to a long-term care facility as a wide variety of client needs.  Our time-tested approach allows us to partner with key organizations to source, recruit, and retain top talent, all passionate about providing quality, efficient, and effective care. This November, we recognize the hard work and heartfelt dedication of Case Management leaders and professionals at every level, who share our goal: ensuring everyone has the personalized, high-quality care they need to thrive when long-term care is required.

By Michelle Boeckmann

Michelle Boeckmann, Founder of Healthcare Recruitment Partners, has over twelve years of experience placing seasoned leadership Case Management candidates in acute care hospitals and healthcare systems. She and her team, along with a database of over 32,000 professionals and counting, can give you an advantage in a competitive market, whether you’re looking for highly specialized talent or a need for a placement for an open position quickly and discreetly.

Michelle is a member of the American Case Management Association (ACMA) and Case Management Society of America (CMSA).

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